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Have social media and mobile phones made family members closer?

With less talk and more text, family interaction is gradually pushed to social media. Multiple apps and messengers made communication instant, and there is no need to call the family and interrupt them. Young parents trust technology much more than their parents, and children do not expect parents to call until something really urgent has happened. The necessity for children to have a mobile phone is out of question today. It is the basic tool for parents to stay in touch with their children.
As young parents actively use their cell phones, posting family events on Facebook and Instagram is a matter of fact. Rare moments of face-to-face communications are precious, and many adults feel the need to share their family matters with friends. After all, children get on well with social media and constantly post their selfies. The generation gap has never been as small as it is between the millennials and their children. Nevertheless, the issue of interpersonal interaction is becoming acute for adepts of smart devices.
Many parents are still careful about children overusing their cell phones so that they do not hesitate to impose bans and restrictions. Screen time of children is still limited while the family is at home. A cell phone is essential while children are at school, but as they come home, parents become very cautious about their multiple screens. Adults often ban children from using internet and cell phone before they complete their homework not to make children distracted.
Using social media and mobile apps is essential to communicate effectively with family and friends. But still, social media will not replace face-to-face interaction.

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Are older and more mature people better parents?

Getting pregnant at the age of 30 sounds like too late for having kids. Nevertheless, some women have their first child at the age of 40 and do not experience any complications of the late pregnancy. On the contrary, late parenting allows people to enjoy their early adulthood in full after which they can devote all of their time to the family. There is no universal decision on when to have children. If one is not ready to such a responsibility in their twenties, it is okay to have kids in their thirties. No one is old at such age, and mature adults have plenty of opportunities to raise healthy kids.
Emotional stability and financial security are strong benefits of late parents. Watching their friends raise their kids, they are well aware of what to expect and they are more emotionally ready to have children. Parents in their 30s or 40s have more life experience and are less likely to divorce than those having kids in their 20s. Older people have more determined family values, which helps them to search for a compromise in case of difficulty.
For some people, late parenting is not a good idea. They become overprotective and unable to estimate the danger realistically. Late parents may also be at odds with their children more often because of the generation gap between them. Besides, young parents do not age as fast yet, and by the time their children graduate from college, they will still be young. Small generation gap often keeps children closer to parents and stimulates friendly relations between them.
Parenting is a very personal issue, and there is no universal rule for everyone. But young people shall know that they will still be young enough to have children in their 30s.

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How can couples prevent divorce?

Even perfectly happy couples may end up in dire straits. At this point, spouses look like they have nothing in common at all. But in fact, they do if the two of them have decided to make their bond official. Eventually, the happy feelings do not live on their own. Spouses need to nurture them every day and work to make their bond stronger. After all, marriage is like managing a business together – the result will be positive only if both partners invest in it equally.
A good prevention of divorce often starts a long time before the hardship comes. People who are realistic in their judgment always think forward in the relationships. Is your romantic partner capable to become a responsible spouse or are they merely a trophy to astonish your friends? One shall always be capable to analyze characters of their sweethearts to detect some traits they would not like to face at all.
Building a relationship is all about communication. It would be impossible to solve problems if we cannot properly report them to our spouse. We often get hysteric once something is annoying us, but it would be correct to put the cause of our distress as it is. Many routine issues can be easily managed unless we do not dramatize them. It is worth sharing all the worries and expectations with your spouse so that you can negotiate the issue and find the decision that will satisfy both of you.
And last, being a good partner is a very general but such an essential thing to advise. Cherish and respect your partner every day, do some little compliments that make your routine more colorful. Do not expect that you can do nothing and live happily ever after. Marriage is a plant that we need to water if we want it to live.

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Do mothers need to stay with their children at home?

Women have multiple responsibilities in their life, but once the baby is born, all of them become secondary. Someone has to take care of a child, and many women choose to stay at home for that reason. After all, the job can wait until the child grows up and the kindergarten can take the daycare responsibility. But not every mom is so eager to give up their job. After all, it can be a primary source of money for them. Nevertheless, there are a few reasons why staying at home is more economically sound and emotionally rewarding.
The financial part is misleading as most moms think they must keep working to provide the child with everything. But daycare services will add a huge sum to the monthly bill so that a working mom will hardly earn extra money to support her family. It would be quite reasonable for a woman to take all family responsibilities and rely on the family dad’s salary.
Having a child is a stress, and a mother naturally expects to get some rest after the childbirth. But that is hardly possible because newborns strongly depend on the physical presence of their mother. Women are usually ambitious about being working moms, but a job will actually make the pressure unbearable. As long as the baby is crying and the mom is falling asleep on the go, a job is the last thing the woman can think of.
And last, staying at home and educating children themselves is vital to some moms. They cannot stand the idea that a strange person will look after children and teach them. The first years of life are crucial in terms of child development, and a woman can never get them back unlike a job that is always there.

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TV Commercials and Self Image

The Be Real Campaign launched in the UK in 2015 found that one in four women were depressed about their body image. About one-third of them would sacrifice a year of their life to get a perfect body. Nearly a half of the surveyed girls indicated that they felt the pressure to look good. But this is not entirely a social pressure. In fact, a greater part of the society does not care in the slightest about how we look or what we wear, unlike advertisers who need to solve our problems, even the non-existent ones. Is your hair shiny enough? Do not you have to lose some weight? We had not even thought about our image before advertisers did it for us.
Omnipresent commercials make us revise our image, and few people can easily brush off the negative thoughts. Most of us look at at a photoshopped model in the video and think of their own imperfections first. We realize that it is time for us to change, and we usually ignore the evidence that the displayed beauty does not exist in the real life. In fact, any of us could have their pictures taken in the correct light and retouched to perfection. One does not need to be actually flawless to look perfect in the ads.
The negative impact of TV commercials is the air advertisers breathe as it pushes consumers to purchase anything that can erase their flaws. Once we feel guilty for the way we look, we are entitled to take actions. In fact, our image is not a concern of anyone else but ourselves. And advertisers do nothing spectacular by displaying yet another retouched female impossible to recognize in the real life. To break the cycle, we need to make our own mind about what is beautiful and what is an emotional abuse. And probably, make a hot sandwich while all the sexist ads are aired.

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